Did you know that Polyfab USA also sells products to the marine cover industry? We are members of the Marine Fabricators Association (MFA) and will be exhibiting at the upcoming Marine Fabricators Conference in New Orleans, January 26-28 at the Sheraton New Orleans. Please see below for your VIP Discount, courtesy of Polyfab USA!

One of the products we will be showing is Patternpro(tm) Ultra Stable Patterning Fabric. Patternpro is clear HDPE, coated both sides. Ideal for marine canvas and awning patterning, and popular with fabricators because of its stability and good ‘lay-flat’ properties. Available in 2-meter (79 inch) and 4-meter (157 inch) rolls. The 4-meter rolls are folded for shipping, but full width–not welded or seamed!

Another product we will be showing is Profilen(r) PTFE UV Resistant Sewing Thread. Made in Austria, Profilen is UV and weather resistant, does not rot or erode, and retains its strength under the harshest conditions! Stocked in Los Angeles, California in Light, Medium and Heavyweight, in Black, White and Lucent (Clear) in 8 oz and 16 oz spools. Profilen carries a Manufacturers Warranty for the lifespan of the fabric it’s sewn onto!

And don’t forget one of our shadecloth fabrics for use as a shade fly for those hot days on the water!

Contact your Polyfab USA distributor for more information on these or any other products from Polyfab…