Protecting your investment

PatternproTM is clear HDPE woven scrim and coated both sides. Ideal for marine canvas patterning, and popular with fabricators because of its stability and good lay-flat properties.

Patternpro® has been a favorite material for Australian fabricators for a number of years. Popular as a pattern material for marine and awning projects and can be used for short-term stationary tarps and covers.

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Product profile
MaterialHigh Density Polyethylene, Virgin grade
Weight4.87 oz per sq yard/165gsm +/-5%
Scrim10 x 10 per sq inch
Width78.7 inches/2 meters and NEW 157 inches/4 meters
Roll Length55 yards/50 meters (rolled on paper cores)
ColorTranslucent (Clear)
Temperature Resistance~-22 deg F to +158 deg F/-30 deg C to +70 deg
Technical Specifications
Light transmittance70%
Tensile strengthWarp13KN/mASTM D 5035
Weft13KN/mASTM D 5035
Tear strengthWarp130 NASTM D 751
Weft130 NASTM D 751
ElongationWarp20%ASTM D 5035
Weft20%ASTM D 5035
This product is designed for patterning or for short-term/temporary covers.
This product is not suitable for applications where excessive flexing or ‘wind flap’ is present.
The product specifications represent the results sourced from third party testing authorities, and tolerances may vary by as much as +/- 10%.
The Manufacturer reserves the right to alter or modify product specifications and colors without notice, and assumes no obligation or liability for the suitability and use of its products other than those applications intended by the Manufacturer.